Supporting a Healthy Weight for Your Body

Health can be found at so many shapes and sizes. It's not about looking like someone else, it's about being the healthiest you! When you're at your healthy weight, you'll feel and look great! I recommend the Ketogenic diet without dairy before a wedding to help you feel and look your best!


Burn fat by eating healthy fats!

Would you believe me if I told you that you could eat that butter, fatty fish, and avocado that you love and lose MORE weight than if you were on a low calorie
diet? Time to believe it! We have been mislead for years by the movement of scientific literature toward low calorie, often high carbohydrate diets. The newest literature shows that these low calorie diets are not as helpful as we originally thought, and can actually be harmful! In one study, people on a very low carb (ketogenic) diet lost 2.2x more weight than those on a low calorie diet! Think about the difference between dropping 20 pounds and 44 pounds! Other studies show an even bigger effect on weight loss.

Be body positive

Supporting a healthy weight for your body is about discovering how your body feels best. If we drop weight just to drop weight, not only does it tend to not stick, it doesn't feel fulfilling like it does when your goal is to feel healthy and love your body! The Body Positive is an amazing organization with lots of resources on how to love your body and live in health!


Move your body

"Exercise" can be such a trigger word. For many people, it brings on an onslaught of guilt from many failed attempts to "work out". Here's what needs to change- find an activity that moves your body that you ENJOY! If it's not a workout but something you actually enjoy doing, you're more likely to stick to it and get more health benefits from it. It doesn't have to look like you would normally think exercise would- just move your body and have fun!