Cut out the dairy and grains.

Not only are they allergens for many people, even if you aren't allergic to dairy, it will cause an increase in sebum production in the skin because it contains IGF-1. Grains are associated with increased inflammation in the body, which can cause your skin to look blotchy, uneven, and unhealthy! If you put all of this together with healthy weight, I recommend the Ketogenic Diet (minus the dairy) for the 6 months before your wedding. Even 2 weeks before will help!


Detox. And DON'T Re-Tox!

Your skin serves an incredible purpose that many people aren't aware of- it is the major detoxification organ of the body! When are bodies are laden with chemicals, excess hormones, metals, or other toxins, it often appears as skin issues.

The following can be helpful in detoxification:

  • A supplement such as dandelion or milk thistle. Make sure to buy a reputable brand!
  • Saunas, peat baths, steams, and aerobic exercise for detoxing through the skin
  • Make sure you have regular, formed bowel movements
  • Eat a fat burning diet like the ketogenic diet to get the toxins out of stored fat, or juice fast, water fast, or cleanse.
  • Look into your health products to make sure you are re-toxing yourself through the skin
  • Drink plenty of filtered water every day.


Get control of chronic stress and chronic disease

Inflammation from anywhere in the body can lead to skin problems. Target your underlying diseases and it can really help with your skin. Specific imbalance states that lead to skin problems commonly are diabetes, PCOS, estrogen/progesterone imbalance, and digestive issues.

Chronic stress can hurt your skin, too. Many mechanisms can be to blame for this, one of which is increasing cortisol leading to poor blood sugar regulation and increased substance P.

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