Learning and Growing

I am so incredibly grateful for my opportunities to learn and grow. I am surrounded by teachers, teaching me lessons that, although not always easy, lead to my growth as a future doctor, friend, partner, spiritual being, emotional being, daughter….

I am so blessed to be headed down my path as a healer in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University. I try to remind myself during the craziness of midterms how lucky I am to be learning about naturopathic medicine- to wake up every day and get to study things to help others heal. 

I am grateful to be in a spiritual community where I learn and grow, even when it isn't easy- with a teacher who has such a wonderful relationship to and connection with Spirit. 

I am grateful to take time to process everything that I am learning so that I may retain it. 

I am grateful to have relationships with people that push me to uncover the best me. 

Learning is a trip- not always an easy one- but definitely one worth making- and hey, I have fun with it most of the time ;)

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