How to Stay Healthy While Traveling this Holiday

I just got off of a plane late last night for my holiday travel. I think I was rather amusing to those around me in the airport with my 2 carry-ons, yoga mat, 46 lb suitcase, extra-large dog kennel and 65 pound husky all in toe. I thought I would be able to find someone to help me carry my stuff around for a fee, but alas, no such luck. The good news is that I was able to keep a sense of humor about it…. Might as well laugh when everyone else is chuckling around me….

Holiday travel can be crazy. Between the stress of traveling and the bacteria soup we all come in contact with at the airport, public restrooms, gas stations, etc, it’s no wonder so many of us often get sick after traveling.

Here are my favorite tips for staying healthy while traveling this holiday season:

Get a Good Night’s Rest On Either Side of Travel: If possible, get as much sleep on regular schedule as possible, either before traveling, after, or both. Sleep is how our body regenerates and kicks up our immune function when needed.

Bring Healthy Snacks: There aren’t many options for quick food in the airport or on the road, and sugar, albeit addicting and delicious, is an immune suppressant. Take the time before you leave to get yourself a healthy snack from your local market, or make something easy to pack. I often like to bring my granola bars with me.

Drink Lots of Water: Adequate hydration is essential for every part of your body to function properly, including your immune system. For a treat, grab some mineral water like San Pellegrino from the store when you’re getting your travel snacks!

Wash your Hands: I’m not a big fan of Purell hand sanitizer for so many reasons I won’t go into here, but I do advocate washing your hands- especially when you’re somewhere like a public restroom or airport! It’s an unavoidable fact that you’ll come into contact with germs while traveling. Keeping your hands clean and away from your face can prevent the germs from coming into contact with your mucus membranes where they enter your body!

Take your Favorite Immune Supporting Vitamins or Herbs: Herbs and vitamins can be great boosters while we are traveling. I love complexes like Super-Immuno Tone or just vitamin C, A, and Zinc to give the body a boost. Traveling with kids? Kiddos love Elderberry syrup, which is a great immune support!

Stay well this holiday season!

~ Jen

*Please see your doctor or schedule with Dr. Riegle for personalized medical advice.