Life Purpose


I didn’t blog yesterday, but all day I did think about how grateful I am for my sweet family.


My family of origin is incredible- we arent perfect by any means, but we love eachother. We work through things together…I know I can count on them…and I know how lucky that makes me.


Yesterday was Mother’s day, and I just spent some time reflecting on what amazing parents I have…I am so blessed. They are incredibly supportive and loving and giving, and they have taught me so much, and continue to do so daily.


Yesterday was also the day my Grandpa, George Francis Riegle, moved on from this world to be with my Grandma. I am so grateful to have had such a beautiful relationship with both of my Grandparents…I cant even begin to express how much I learned from them, and the love I felt and feel from them.


Caroline Myss talks about how we are born into our family of origin because we need them and the lessons we get from them to fulfill our life purpose, however our interactions with our family may play out in our life. I’m thankful to have my family, in all of the sweet times and the hard times.


Much love and much gratitude sweet family- that means all of you <3 

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