Coconut Matcha Latte Love: The benefits coconut oil!

Ok I will admit it. I'm a coffee addict. I love the smell, the taste, everything about it....except for the way it makes me feel. Truth be told I'm totally jealous of the people who's systems seem to handle it with ease, but for me, I get nauseous, high, and then I crash. Bummer. So the beginning of this year, I stopped getting latte's at my favorite coffee place and started drinking green tea. I missed the specialness of my lattes though- I sounds weird, but they're often how I treat myself for being at school sometimes 13 hours a I improvised....and here is what I came up with: Homemade matcha latte with coconut oil (See Recipe Page :))

Matcha Latte.jpg


Why coconut oil?: When I first heard of putting coconut oil in tea, I thought it was disgusting....then I tried it. It actually gives this creamy, wonderful texture, and I love it! But the benefits don't stop there. Coconut oil has tons of health benefits, because it is filled with medium chain fatty acids. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Heart Health: Coconut oil has been shown in studies to increase HDL, the "good" cholesterol, and the ratio of HDL:LDL, which is a major factor in cardiovascular disease risk. Did you know that the 2 most important factors in cholesterol management are actually levels of HDL (which you want high) and Total cholesterol, not LDL, or "bad cholesterol"?
  • Weight Loss: Coconut oil may support weight loss! Yes, eating this fat instead of others could support your effort to lose weight. Why would this be? Medium chain fatty acids are harder for our body to store, and easier for them to burn. The result? An increase in energy, with less increase in fat storage.
  • So Many Other Uses! Coconut oil can be used outside the body as well, for all sorts of great cosmetic and practical uses. Check out Wellness Mama's page on 101 Uses for Coconut Oil for a great list!

All this said, remember that everything is good in moderation. There's a bit of discussion as to whether we should be as jazzed as some people are about coconut oil. My advice, incorporate it into your diet, just not at a tub a day.

So why do I put it in my tea? First its delicious, but more importantly, I think it's great to add some fat to caffeine. Did you know that if you drink caffeine on an empty stomach (especially in the morning), it can screw up your insulin regulation for the whole day?? This is bad news! Insulin dysregulation can have consequences from infertility to diabetes to weight gain, and so so much more. Insulin is a hormone that affects our blood sugar, but it interacts with many of our other hormones as well and has a large effect in the body! You don't want it to be me. What I actually recommend is to have a meal with your cup of tea/coffee as well, but if this isn't possible for you, making your coffee or tea more than just sugar and caffeine is a good way to start. The fat will slow down absorption, making your blood sugar spike less. For anyone with health complaints such as high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, infertility, hormonal dysfunction, and others, I would just stick to having your caffeine after you've had your breakfast.




*Please see your doctor or schedule with Dr. Riegle for personalized medical advice.