Yep, I Have a Female Brain...

We’re interesting creatures, woman kind, aren’t we? Often perplexed by the differences between men and women, I find myself contemplating masculinity and femininity. I often go into that spiritual realm, looking for answers from the Earth and from the Sky, the mother and father to native peoples. This is essential. Its incredibly important. There is more to it though….as Naturopaths we tend to start looking at everything from multiple levels. Body, Mind, Spirit…its become so common that its almost cliché now. Yet it couldn’t be more true to form. We all have all 3, they’re all important to our health and well-being….. I got up today and I looked at my little app on my phone that tells me about the hormones for where I am in my cycle (yes my moon, my period, my time of the month- if this is TMI you really aren’t going to like my blogs) and today it said “Day 20. Progesterone is just about at its peak. While progesterone can make it more difficult to reach orgasm, you’re feeling especially nurturing and loving these days. Why not take full advantage of it? Studies show that touch- whether it’s a hot and steamy romp, or a hug from a friend- release the “love hormone” oxytocin, which lower blood pressure and heart rate. Catching up with friends and loved ones will feel especially satisfying today as well.”

Welp, yep that’s me today….while I will never admit to being only my hormones, as I do have a spirit that guides me…I have to admit the control our hormones have on us- whether we are men or women. So, in an effort to understand, I picked up the book “The Female Brain”, which has been sitting on my shelf for months now since I took it from by fiancé Chris….It hadn’t quite made it to the top of my 15 book stack sitting next to my bed, which, if I’m being honest, currently has Wild Feminine, Care of the Soul, Artemis, The Language of Letting Go, and The Desktop Guide to Homeopathy on the top of it….you can’t tell I’m a woman at all…. Interesting what I started finding in The Female Brain today…no joke I actually feel like I understand Chris, and myself  a little bit better after reading 18 pages of Louann Brizendine’s book.

Here are a couple of key brain differences I have discovered so far:

·      Anterior Cingulate Cortex: It weighs options and makes decisions. Dr. Brizendine calls it the worry-wort center…and guess what- its bigger in women….big surprise, eh?

·      Hippocampus: our memory center- bigger in women- that recalls all of our sentimental, romantic times and all of the fights, the mistakes, the failures….hmmm this has never played out in my relationships…..


Here’s one- men have 2.5x the brain space devoted to sexual drive than women….and women have many more circuits for observing facial expressions and emotions and interpreting tone than men…. This explains so much… how I remember every romantic detail of mine and Chris’ first date…the swim in the water, looking into his eyes as we walked to get dinner, the almost kiss as he said goodbye to me at my car….and he remembers what bikini bottoms I was wearing….ha. I have to admit, after reading a little bit of this book… I cant really blame him….

Exploration of humans is so interesting…..more to come as I read…..


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