Pain, healing, and new life

Ok, time to gratitude blog catch up….Here's what I've been reflecting on the last few days :)

Pain- yes, I'm grateful for pain. Pain is a sign that something needs healing….it brings to the forefront what is time to heal and mend, so that we can grow into who we really are….Which brings me to my next gratitude, healing. I am so incredibly grateful when healing occurs in my life…it's what makes all of that pain worth it- And that feeling is why I want to be a healer, so that I may assist others in their healing to become their truest selves. 

Another part of my dream in my work is to assist life coming into this world- birth holds such beauty. Yesterday I had the chance to really enjoy the beauty of new life and birthdays. I got to come and surprise my amazing boyfriend Chris for his birthday and be a part of a celebration of his life with people who love him very much…and rightfully so :) So grateful that man is in my life <3 

Excited for what the day will bring :) Much love. 

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