Disengaging in Self-Negativity

Why are we letting our brains get in the way of our self value? Our self value is already there- it's an inherent part of us as spirits that come from the greatest spirit there is, At times, our brains try to tell us it's not there, overriding our heart and soul at times, occupying too much space in our self, saying things like "you're not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough, don't know enough." Our minds are beautiful, they're amazing, we need them- what we don't need is negativity, disempowerment, and dis-ease. Give yourself the space to let your mind align with the beauty of your heart and soul- sit with yourself until that can happen. Love and be gentle with yourself. You are a beautiful spirit of this loving earth with a great destiny. Start treating yourself that way. 

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